Cake Balls Anyone?

Who needs cake pops when you can have cake balls! Well this was a failed attempt at cake pops. I keep seeing these lovely delights on numerous blogs, so I thought I would use the concepts and create my own (I used Bakerella and Little Miss Momma as guides).

I must admit, I didn’t have all the fancy, high end¬†supplies such as lollipop sticks or cool decor. I think my down fall was that my cake mixture ended up being too moist (perhaps too much frosting added)¬†and the “balls” could not be held on the wimpy short straws that I was opting to use in place of the sticks. So, in the end, I nixed the sticks and just created “truffle-looking” treats.

I dipped the balls in melted bittersweet chocolate and put them in the freezer for a good 20 minutes to solidify. In the meantime, I melted white chocolate in a double boiler and mixed in a few drops of neon food coloring (this stuff is awesome!). I created my own piping bags using a plastic ziplock and decorated the cake balls in various patterns.

Club House Neon Food Coloring

So this is the result….

On the plus side, they taste fabulous and decadent! Will try this again once I get some better supplies and I have a little more times on my hands. Anyone have any tips???

17 thoughts on “Cake Balls Anyone?

  1. Nice save! If the same thing happens again, you can add more cake (if possible) or simply toss the balls in the freezer so that they hold together better, and then let them thaw just slightly before serving.

  2. They don’t look like failures! I’d toss them in those tiny muffin liners and call them “cake truffles” :) No one would be the wiser…

    When I made cake balls, I tossed them in the freezer before dunking in the chocolate. They held together pretty well.

  3. I agree, they look wonderful. Hannah and Shari have a great technique. Freeze them, warm them up a little in your hands so the chocolate doesn’t crack, then dip. I use about 5 sticks and just keep rotating them. I place the sticks into a cupcake stand while they dry. By the time I’ve dipped five or so, the first one is dry. Then I remove the cake ball and reuse the stick for another one. Does anyone else have a problem with cracking?

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  5. I think they look great! I don’t have the supplies either but was going to give it a go tomorrow anyhow. Now that I’ve seen how good Cake Balls look, I don’t think I’ll bother getting the supplies :)

  6. Ohh! Those look yummy!!!! Your so called “failed” attempt look like my next project!! Loved them!!!

    What did you use for the main dip?

    Hopefully my entry helped! We should compare notes! :)

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